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Hooray! My first solo book is finally out, friends!

My goal, with Shalom Total Wellness: Biblical Principles for Health & Healing, was to make it accessible enough for someone completely new to natural health, but fresh enough for someone who has been into natural health for years.

As per the usual, I approach everything through the lens of biblical truth. You might be surprised to hear that the Bible has a lot to say on the topic of health and healing!

I also did something that I don’t do very often. I shared some of my personal journey with health struggles. Yes, I got vulnerable.

I’d be honored for you to consider reading Shalom Total Wellness: Biblical Principles for Health & Healing. It was listed as the #1 New Release in the Naturopathy category, and made the Best Seller list, on amazon! Currently, it is steadily remaining in the top 7 New Releases, for both kindle and paperback versions (in the Naturopathy category) on amazon. Thank you for being part of the journey!

Here’s where to find it:

Paperback version:

Kindle version:

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If you happen to pick up a copy, and feel led to leave a review, that would be wonderful. I’d love to hear how this book is being received!

Shalom to you,


With a world-wide “pandemic” on the line (or during any sort of crisis) now is a great time to ask yourself:


The Media?

The CDC?

A Doctor?

The President?

Your friend who works in a hospital?

World Leaders?

Some unknown person on Facebook who says they have witnessed this or that?

Your Pastor?

Your Mentor?

A Teacher?

An “apostle”?

A “prophet”?

Your Relatives?

The “Numbers”?

Your Horoscope?

Test Results?

The National Enquirer?


Someone who follows “Q”?


And the list could go on and on….

What I’m NOT Saying: I am NOT saying that the above mentioned are all liars who should be silenced. Maybe some are but that’s for each of us to decide. The opinions of people we trust, who’ve proven themselves to be consistently trustworthy and honest, should most certainly be considered.

What I AM Saying: Have you ever heard of that funny saying – “It ain’t over until the fat lady sings”?

Our thought processes should be like that – not over until we hear from our ULTIMATE AUTHORITY – YHWH Himself. Once you hear what HE thinks about a matter, all other voices should become very faint. Some even become silent. Once you hear what HE thinks about a matter, your heart will align with His Will and purposes.


It’s time to ask oneself: Why, oh why, do we silence the One Voice that makes the most difference?

“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” – John 10:27

“And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.” – Jeremiah 29:13

“To Him who rides on the heaven of heavens, which were of old! Indeed, He sends out His voice, a mighty voice.” – Psalm 68:33

During this season, and all seasons, I pray that you press into God like never before. May you learn to quiet all other voices, including your own, in order to receive true wisdom directly from the Father. May all the chicken littles of the world become faint.

May His voice always be the loudest, clearest voice you hear. May you glow in the confidence of knowing that you are His child. May you grow deeper in the knowledge of the fact that faith, hope, and love are your inheritance. May the Kingdom of God become your reality! You are so very loved – now and always.

NEWSFLASH: COVID 19 – Hoax, Hype, or horror

When a crisis, of any kind, becomes entangled with politics, the media, and massive amounts of fear and panic…one must ask themselves if the majority’s response is equal to the actual risk. Is there even real risk involved here and to what extent? Is this whole thing a hoax, hype, or horror? Truly there are very few other possibilities. Please allow me to break down, the solution for each of these option:

Hoax: If COVID 19 is indeed a hoax, meaning that it is not even a reality, and is being used as a cover-up for something else then the last thing you need to do is give into the spirit of fear and begin to panic.

Hype: If COVID 19 is indeed something real, but is being hyped up by the media and world governments, then the last thing you need to do is give into the spirit of fear and begin to panic.

Horror: If COVID 19 is indeed the literal horror that the media and world governments are portraying it to be (and most of us are pretty much already dead because of it) then the last thing you need to do is give into the spirit of fear.

Concerning the above options, I am NOT saying it’s okay to be reckless when leaving your house. I am NOT saying to neglect your health because you will automatically be fine. And I am certainly NOT saying that I am endorsing one of the above options, exclusively.

What I Am Saying: Fear IS a spirit and NOT a spirit from God. For He has not given us a spirit of fear. Fear can get you out of a life or death situation. But it is not something that we, as humans, were meant to sustain on a daily basis (ie. anxiety, panic attacks, etc). It is detrimental not only for our mental health but our physical health as well.

NEWSFLASH: When you choose to entertain fearful thoughts and feelings, you have taken a step away from the Spirit of God, lowered your shield of faith, and become vulnerable in the eyes of the enemy. You are literally placing your faith in the object of your fear rather than in God.

Do NOT get stuck in fear. Instead, invite YAH into the fear and allow His love and Word to dispel it.


Now is the time to stir up the God given gifts, within you, and look for opportunities to bless others. Now is the time to lay down your own schedule, and agendas, by choosing to reconnect with God and your loved ones. Now is the time to truly rest in Him.

“Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands. For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

– 2 Timothy 1:6-7