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Newly Diagnosed – Now What?

So you’ve just been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease…or maybe you’ve been diagnosed for a while and are wondering what exactly this means for your life. You’ve been counseled to take prescription medications. You’ve been told it’s “incurable”. You may be grieving. You may be afraid.

However you may be feeling, please know that fear, anger, and grief are valid. The physical pain and uncertainty that often come with autoimmunity can be overwhelming. The process of getting a correct diagnosis may even last years.

I’ve been down this road before and have three things that I’d like to encourage you with.

#1: You are NOT a diagnosis. A diagnosis can help shine light on which area, of your health, needs attention. BUT it is not telling you who you are. It doesn’t have to become your identity. It may be something that you’re struggling with, but it isn’t who you are. It is not condemning you to a future of limitations.

Medical professionals, although well-meaning, do not know exactly what your future holds. Now is a good time to tell you the prefix “di” is related to the word “duo”, which simply means “two”. The word “agnosis” means not knowing or “defective knowledge”. So, remember that even a diagnosis can be incorrect and is literally saying that two of us don’t really know.

Take that for what it’s worth. For me, this is encouraging. Receiving a correct diagnosis can be a point, in your healing journey, but it is not the final destination. GOD has the final say. Not a label that the medical industry slaps on you.

#2: You ARE powerful. As one of my favorite mentors used to always say: “If you weren’t born with it, then you don’t have to live with it.” (Roby Mitchell)

When it comes to addressing autoimmunity, there are options out there that go beyond allopathic medicine’s “answers”. By getting to the root cause of autoimmunity via nutrition, detox, lifestyle supplementation, and emotional wellness, there is a very good possibility that your symptoms may lessen, and the disease process may even be halted.

Check out this post for more on root causes of autoimmunity: https://shalomtotalwellness.com/2020/08/10/autoimmunity-decoded/

#3: You are NOT alone. It may feel a bit lonely, right now, but you are never alone. Many people have traversed this path. Find the support you need. I am cheering you on! And remember that GOD is not surprised by your present health struggle. He has solutions for your health and wellness. You are always on His heart and He is always there for you.

Auto-immunity is a serious situation. Your body is sending you a message that things must change. But it doesn’t have to be a life sentence. You can switch the disease/diagnosis narrative by putting your energy into making the necessary changes that will place your body in healing mode. You got this!

Shalom to you,